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jollygoodsir's Journal

The Quiet Life Collaboration
3 December 1985
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I'm painfully interesting.
androgeny, apple juice, azumanga daioh, b-movies, bad plans, bad porn, beating racists for sport, being john malkovich, black & white, bob marley, bubbly jpop love songs, but i'm a cheerleader, caffeine, cartooning, cinnamon toast crunch, comic books, comic strips, computers, confessing, converse, cosplay, crazy hair, cuddling, dance dance revolution, daria, daydreaming, diy, donnie darko, downloading music, drawing, dreams, eating, ellen degeneres, emo haircuts, emotional instability, evil twins, exotic food, feminism, flcl, foreign languages, frozen gummi bears, gackt, gameboy, gay films, gay rights, girl/girl, girls, girly boys, glay, green apples, guitars, harry potter, hating others, history, honey teddy grahams, hyde, illicit sex, indie comics, intelligence, invader zim, jackfruit, japan, japanese street fashion, karaoke, karma, keita tachibana, kiwi birds, kurt vonnegut, late night cartoons, laughing at little kids, learning to play guitar, libraries, lime green, literature, lollicup teahouse, lube, manipulation, mental stimulation, mighty moshin' emo rangers, mixed fruit cups, miyavi, muff diving, my morning jacket, mythology, neo-paganism, ninja//thief, nipple piercings, obsessive compulsive behavior, original clothes, philosophy, placebo, platform games, plushrooms, pokemon, polytheism, pop art, potheads, procrastination, pudding, puyo puyo, puzzles, quoting useless information, rainbows, role playing, romance, russian women, salad fingers, sapphism, sarcasm, saying tee-hee, shiny red buttons, snuffaluffagus, spinach, stupid suggestions, super mario, sushi, swearing, tattoos, tchaikovsky, tetris, the cardigans, the legend of zelda, the pillows, the word fuck, tim burton, tomboys, twister, unicorns, urban legends, vespas, video games, violent orgasms, visual kei, watching grass grow, web design, weeds, wes anderson, wombats, word games, worst possible schemes, wristbands, writing sad poems, xena, ◕ ◡ ◕, ♀♀, , , , ✄♂